Between Competition & Cooperation.

When considering something of a social nature, particularly between groups or hypotheticals, it can be immediately & consistently useful to assess by two values, competition & cooperation. It would seem reasonable to me that the most important agreements are a detailed balance of these, with relevant terminology. It extends from the personal to the larger, less spoken agreements. As a change of perspective, to a simpler way, it is refreshing and may perhaps invigorate your interest to investigate an arena.


The current economic system, in my opinion, is much more simply described as competition. Indeed, this is the enshrining feature in some definitions. This competition appears to have frequent unhealthy results which capitalists would describe as some unfortunate re-ordering of the economic system to a new balance of supply & demand with whatever tweaks they want to throw in. Communists hold a similar perspective, except with a cyclic nature, and an attitude of evolution.

Observe economic ideas in the light of competition & cooperation. A brief mention, consider the outcomes of laissez-faire capitalism as 1: infinite and of communism as 1:1. What would 1:100 look like?


A question could be raised about global agreement on international standards, forms of co-operation upon a competitive arena. It is consistent to develop an idea of an international standards from the pre existing ideas of person, community, and state. Nearly all people agree to live without public violence, although violence is a realistic part of our nature. This co-operation about violence extends beyond a pair, a mob, a nation to the international arena, where standards of war and human rights represent an elevating consistency from the individual to globe.


The Name.

Hello and welcome to my blog. With a touch of luck this post will be followed every week by a short essay, and additional readers. I hope to create & record my philosophy piecemeal , so that by considering, typing, and reviewing it can develop. Also that it can be discussed & debated, as an excellent avenue of philosophical fitness. Finally, that as much good as is in my philosophy is somehow equivalent to how far it spreads. Close to the core of my philosophy is the notion of imperfection, please carry that in mind as you read.


The name, house of pawns, is from an old gaming account. It is a spin from house of cards, which are notoriously hard to construct. This is how good philosophy feels, a collection of small words (pawns) used to create some larger idea (house). Words are not only their dictionary definition (cards) but also a part of the working schema (house) each of us holds inside our minds. We all pass pawns between us, words built from 26 almost equal letters. We hope these pawns can better our ourselves, our causes and the various houses we make or recreate. The metaphor continues and dives deep down into a rabbit hole.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, this place is for my words. Don’t take too specific a perspective on the truth. A good lie can do a lot of good an ugly truth cannot, there are better ways to do bad things. I hope my ideas & schema are good enough to help you and yours. Ideas & emotions are the most freely shared of all things, and I hope to make better the grand & global pool of thoughts & feelings.