A Global Order.

Movement to & fro unity is a constant in this world of flux. Perhaps it is all heading for a final unity in the heat death of the universe. Or maybe not. Regardless, I believe there is an inexorable trend towards greater global unity is and that’s a bloody good thing. With modern travel, trade and the internet, it is global exposure at the individual level as never before.

Global moral code has not developed an individually significant hierarchy. UN action & discussion is very distant from individuals. Unity & disunity between moral codes has lessened because of the UN, and conversation between nations has increased. Continuing conflict between moral codes is inevitable, acceptable and a place where the competition will never end.

At the individual level, the effects of the internet must surely be considered the most global of the facets of the immediate environment. This facet is a shared experience of the general chaos that is the internet today. This will lead to a set of consistent experiences which will have a systemic structure, and will develop a global moral code relevant at the individual level. Potential competing codes may arise about divisions of language, technical capacity (IRC, darknet), Google result hierarchy and others.


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