Science as Modern Elite.

In modern Australia, and in most of the 194 (ish) other nations, science is the commonly accepted source of truth. In some nations, such as Saudi Arabia, and in the past, such as mediaeval Vatican City, faith in a Divine was the source of the truth. This modern mode of truth is good and has supremely enhanced the lives of the citizens of the globe.

Scientific method; of defining a question, hypothesis, testing, recording data, assessment and development of the hypothesis. The results must be repeatable in the same conditions. This validates concepts as having been tested by the scientific method. Conceptually this method emphasises co-operation by communication more than forms of inter-personal competition.

Association with this lodestone of truth to automatically triggers an extension of trust. For example, by corroborating a political initiative (restrictions on cigarettes) with a scientifically qualified opinion (ill health, addiction). The first beginning of science as elite is the public trust in the scientific method as the best determinant of truth in the public domain.

Scientific endeavours are not open to all, resources and connections are too significant. This is a second beginning of elitism in science. However the possibility to alter some specific body of science is open to anything which is demonstrated by the scientific method. This openness to change is a unique advantage which most previous elite concepts have lacked, and is undoubtedly a considerable justification of the position it holds in relation to the truth and to society.

It must be mentioned that science emphasises idea over emotion and this is not properly reflective of human nature. Limitations, when considering the personal or social or political realms merit investigation.


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