Violence in Syria.

I support military action, state organised violence, against the Assad government in Syria and against ISIS / Daesh. I support it for the goal of fundamental alteration to the Assad political system. I support the creation of a political system akin to the kingdom of Jordan (quota & geographic democracy) and Ataturks idealised Turkey. Note; although benevolent dictatorships, there is or was an attitude towards continuation independent of the benevolent dictator.

Military action began to be justified decades ago by the Assad government action of stripping citizenship of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and other contemporary crimes. These actions created refugees, which irritated foreign nations, creating demand within foreign nations for action to be taken. Greater and more recent justification was created when violence was used to supress, chemical weapons were used against sleeping civilians and the use of starvation against bastions of political opposition. A political system of autocracy must be not be the goal of military action.

ISIS / Daesh capital punishment system unacceptable to most modern nations, such as death for making magic. This is fundamentally wrong as magic does not exist. Further justification for alteration or destruction of the the ISIS / Daesh political system is grounded in values of equality, transgressed by the treatment of women. A political system of theocracy must not be the goal of military action.

The goal of military action must be to create the environment for a superior government to emerge. Most pressingly this means reduction of violence. If successful, citizens will cease becoming refugees and some refugees will return. Plans to improve the political situation must also include supplying citizens with food, plumbing, housing, medicine, education and worthy labour. A political system based upon the previously mentioned states is held to forth as the best hope to supply those things.

Jordan and ideal Turkey exist within similar environments; physical, religious, social and so forth. Jordan and ideal Turkey represent a political system most acceptable to the elite nations of the world. Gradual change from the Assad government was not possible when first attempted by dissenting Syrians. Gradual change through negotiations may be possible. Difficulty in moving directly from anarchic civil war to a constitutional democratic republic may be overcome if appropriate resources are supplied by the global community, and a touch from Lady Luck. A benevolent dictator could emerge naturally as the situation progresses, or not at all.

An analogy, the creation of refugees is like a broken pipe flooding a room. Let’s say refugees are the flooding water, the broken pipe is the state of Syria and the room is the EU. The water can be spread about the room or thrown out of the window onto the neighbours yard but sooner or later, that pipe has to be fixed.


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