Male Supremacy. x3

Immediately written out from watching Cornell West.

Male Supremacy.
Partially produced by passive consistency with the past. For example, speakers of gendered languages may always associate two disparate entities due to the arbitrarily assigned gender pronoun. So this consistency may lay apart from months of choices, only to reveal itself before or after a choice. To continue the example, the speaker of a gendered language makes jokes about women having the same qualities as the feminine pronoun word. Having chosen immoral action, subsequent cognitive dissonance, in a word, doubt, will arise about the conflict between the ideal self and reality. Heed it if it ever actually happens like this, although the act would already be receding into the past, consideration and conversation will develop and maintain the ideal moral image.

Male Supremacy.
Also a piece of sexuality. Individuals may become, in a word, ‘invigorated’, by playing upon the concept. For some, the clearer and more spoken the conceptual paradigm becomes, ‘invigoration’ may zero. No one mentions the Emperors New Clothes. However, if it is agreement between individuals, then I refuse it can zero ‘invigoration’. Deliberation, upon when it is not in agreement between people, reveals situations when spoken intents could reveal future crime.

Male Supremacy.
A dynamic of groups, and not only of male groups. Conversations and social occasions will demonstrate an impact. Gender consistency is a fundamental way to phrase this, an example is most people are more comfortable meeting strangers of their own gender. Due to history infinitesimal passage away, our present and immediate future show continuation of male supremacy. It could be expressed by discussion of male body language, of gender equality or something else. However the game must begin somewhere, let me leave you with this, “Men are blessed.”.

*Do visit that site, it’s art*


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