Terrorism and Communism: A Reply to Karl Kautsky

Goodreads Reviews.

A decent book demonstrating the intensity required for revolution, as shown in Trotsky’s promotion of extreme action, as shown in the word count. Made more interpretable by Slavoj Zizek. His opening assertion that political revolution requires a thing to revolt against and continued revolt after dominance is achieved, is anathema to the initial cause is a very keen observation. His introduction, even though relatively brief, still manages to refer to a love affair of Trotsky’s and weave in a brief dream analysis.

This book communicates historical information, both prior and contemporary to the author. It communicates theoretical perspective of communist revolution. It communicates a perspective on a tumultuous period of history, & of class, ignored due to WWII.

At no point is a decent explanation given by Trotsky about why a dictatorship of the proletariat is represented by Trotsky and his political party. The defining quality of the proletariat is factory labour. A person who labours entirely in the field of politics, i.e. Trotsky, has clearly appointed them self as shepherd to a flock. This immediately invalidates the claim of dictatorship by the proletariat. It is too historic to inspire debates if it was a dictatorship for the proletariat.

Further, there is no basis for believing either group, proletariat or politicians, have any skill whatsoever in running an entire nation-state. Organising freight & logistics of food across a nation as vast as Russia or even organisation of plumbing for a town are challenges for a class who are neither politicians nor factory labourers. To some extent this issue is addressed by analogy of communism being a boat on the water, which must be constructed as it sails. This is an insufficient counter-argument, this example of dictatorship of the proletariat is neither true nor appealing (if you like plumbing and food from far away).

The above section is my review of the book on the delightful website, Goodreads.

*Look to pages 143-144 to see harsh condemnation from the wrong man speaking the truth. Abramovic says 1 in 10 men of the labour army actually works, Trotsky says it is 1.4 in 10.*


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