Towards Utopia.

Utopia, heaven on earth. Who has the keys to this kingdom, where are they to be found?

First, I believe that some facets of modern life are ideal. A key to utopia is to deliberate upon which facets of modern life are ideal and able to be consistent with other changes planned. A necessary risk of change is that unforeseen consequences may occur, so the intelligent mind will consider contemporary ideal facets of modern life and how much they may change in the efforts towards utopia. Modern plumbing, as found in England, is near to ideal. Well, perhaps plumbing shall need to be overhauled for a future revolution, maybe to install an underground tunnel system for near instant travel.

Second, utopia maybe realised by removal of negatives. The above example of plumbing, specifically sharing this public service globally, exemplifies this. Currently some of the world lacks acceptable plumbing, there are regions without running water and more without efficient sewage networks. Recognising problems with known solutions, then applying the known solutions is a method of moving from the present towards the perfect.

Third, if we can imagine and realistically describe a utopia, it should be possible to move backwards from the dream. Again let us use the above example to continue the discussion off of, an underground tunnel teleportation system. Holding this dream in mind when developing a city, in the minds of the citizens voting, specialists designing and economists bartering, holding this ideal in mind shows us how to move towards a utopian aspect which does not exist at all.

Utopia can be more fully realised by maintaining whichever contemporary standards are perfect, by resolving solvable problems and by working backwards from the dream.


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