Punitive Bare Necessities.

Imagine a community with a prison system. Should the community guarantee the bare necessities of life within that prison system?

If the community does, it recognises a need for whatever these bare necessities may be. Should they be supplied at a cost (labour, dollars, good behaviour) to the convicted prisoner?

If they are not given freely, it could result in a state of affairs where-by a prison sentence is a death sentence as the convict by choice or circumstance is unable to pay the cost required for the bare necessities. Therefore, one at risk of a prison sentence (not only the guilty), who is unable to pay the cost, can reasonably perceive arrest as the first stage of a slow execution.

A novel method of manipulating the bare necessities for good behaviour arises from the USA. Some prisons supply a certain type of  food (grue) for misbehaviour. Nevertheless, convicts are fed.

However, if a prison system does supply the bare necessities without cost, a macro-perspective requires that the same standard be supplied outside of the prison system. A person who cannot earn, or otherwise receive, the bare necessities as a freeman will be aware that the prison system supplies them.

Alternatively, one may perceive this persons thought thusly; I can be fed for the rest of my life by the worth of a single, sufficiently criminal, act if, I accept the restrictions of the prison system (visitation, goods, services, etc).

Should any society exist so that a day of murder guarantees the bare necessities of life for longer, and more consistently, than a day of labour?


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