Demand Their Life.

Australia has a problem with suicide. Guyana has a problem with suicide. I wrote Australia first because my care and attention goes to those most immediate to me before those distant. Writing is a very healthy method of developing ones own life. It assists regulating by labelling emotion, clarifying plans, clarifying failure, and many more subjective returns on investment. This is an end product of a process which has helped me.

Diarrhoea kills 1.26 million (ish) each year (which is half the toll of two decades earlier), so having said that to balance the scales, allow me to continue.

Should the desire to die, be the only reason to die? Is that an aspect of modern life that should be kept constant as the globe moves into the future?

A persons life belongs to them, first & foremost. A persons life & death will always effect others. Suicide could be called a waste of life, of the deceased and of the energies expended by others to maintain them prior to their fatal act. It is a burden to be in conversation with one who has focussed their mind on death.

Anger is an important emotion to keep about yourself when confronted by such a conversation. Anger is a powerful emotion and second to love. However unlike love, it is much easier to keep about oneself to protect one owns emotional state as well as being easier to induce in another, to try and realign their emotional state.

Attempt to listen without judgement or pity. Push the conversation to that which is consistently good. Ignore their selfish focus on their own depression and try to move that same selfish focus towards some kind of satisfaction. Hook that satisfaction to an action, first of conversation so lay a forewarning mechanism for the friends and family but also hook it to action so that it will become clearer that productive labour or creative pursuit are worthy.

How does one demand a suicidal person live a life the community desires? That their own future self deserves?

I believe that creative pursuit or productive labour are two things which can offer satisfaction to any person, as well as being cogs which offer traction to maintain our global civilisation.


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