Frailty of Language.

The English language is a mess. This might be why it is the global language, tonal languages, Cantonese for example, don’t really permit much accent. Strict grammar rules, such as those of formal Japanese, are limiting to the curious and the lazy learners who don’t worry about tough thorough thought.

It is not clear to me if English is really sloppy when it allows words to be exact opposites and identical in pronunciation or if it is a peculiar quirk to force clearer messages. Whole & hole, for example are pronounced identically, unless your one of those peculiar people who pronounce w’s and h’s, as was Rick Roderick. Want & wont are another example of the same but different type. Routine and retinue are almost there, but as the later has fallen from common usage, we may have avoided a few awkward situations where you don’t quite know if the speaker is saying their friends are dullards or if they somehow found their way onto the British film classification board.

If you change something for having read this, please, please, please, use -t instead of -ed. It sounds like dreamt to the listener, no one dream-ed anything. The toast isn’t burn-ed, but burnt and that’s how my shoulders feel after riding in the midday sun for far too long. If you found this funny, I would refer you to David Mitchell stand-alone comedy, or to his skit shows and Peepshow, but it’s more likely that I’ll be born again tomorrow than you don’t already know.


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