Refugees May Re-Create Crisis.

Discussion of these issues saturates the media, from Al-Jazeera to ABC or to the other ABC. To some extent this enables the youth to witness what not to do. To some extent it informs those in positions of power. To the rest of us, it gives our imaginations room to roam, to dream ourselves healing benefactors, benevolent dictators, heroic soldiers, suave spies and many more roles. One person may have their depressive attitudes justified, another their hope and a third their nihilism.

The world has problems. Hopefully we can agree on that. Among them are problems creating refugees, and the problems of those refugees. This is about that second set.

The Syrian civil war, where stable government has been lost and there is terrible suffering, was partially caused by refugees. These had fled from suffering in a myriad of neighbouring nations. They caused a burden on the secular government of Assad, which along with a number of other factors, led to the current state of affairs. To some extent, alongside violent, apocalyptic religion, CIA paranoia-inducing actions are also responsible.

The refugees now fleeing Syria, are a contributing factor in future re-creations of the same state of affairs elsewhere. This awareness is overblown in certain communities. Appropriate responses are unknown and will only be clear in hindsight. Discussion of economic deals to give a decent job to refugees in Jordan, are a part of the solution. So to are efforts by MSF to supply a level of medicine. A paltry effort has been made by EWB, though no public notice from them on plumbing or bridges. Some talk as though refugees should be distributed throughout the world by GDP, others by capita and more still hold ignorance as their bliss. Have good faith, things gets better.


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