Between Political & Economic Value.

Quickly, my own definitions. Political value is primarily the vote which a citizen of a democracy can cast as freely as they themselves are able. Political value beyond this must be recognised, freedom to publicly dissent and persuade are first to mind. Economic value is primarily the value of a dollar, which may be collected and lost with luck and pluck. Economic value beyond this must be recognised, value of experience and connections. These two things are uneven, there is a restrictive / motivational dynamic to them, one is idealistic and the next realistic.

Economic growth, subsistence and collapse can be manipulated by political means. The first example is of direct political structure, taxation and regulation. 2nd, malicious gossip can sink stock prices and positive propaganda can raise the same.

Political growth, subsistence and collapse can be manipulated by economic means. Direct campaign contributions, costs of advert. propaganda or wine & dining political lynch-pins. Lobby groups clearly function with political experience and connections and could not maintain form without those qualities. Lobby groups are a conflux of these two forms of value.

Basic Democratic political theory gives each citizen a vote. Contemporary democracy gives each citizen of adult age a vote, where in a multitude of places past, votes where limited. Perhaps a point could be made that this increase in votes decreased the worth of each vote, and this diffusion of political value is necessary. Regardless, the modern ideal of one vote represents a deeper social perspective, one that enforces a minimum value to all people. We are all human.

Economics, although not a zero sum game, allows one to rise at the expense of another. This must be clearly contrasted against UN created, inalienable human rights. Maybe a point can be explored that money flows more freely than quality of life guaranteed by human rights. We are not all equal.

Irrespectively, it must be preached that, although we share a minimum standard, this standard is not inherent but desired. So to say it a little peculiarly, some of us work hard and receive more. This is a justice of the marketplace. Some work the same hours, jet set CEO <-> 12-hour tradie, but one gets paid more by luck of position. This is an injustice of the marketplace. Between those moments of reality, none should starve, all should have food & water, bed & blanket, a roof to keep the rain away and medicine to keep pain at bay.


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