Love & Care, Truth & Respect.

All people, until proven wrong, deserve care & respect. Those who are of our friends, families and those most deserving of prestige draw trust & love from inside of us. Love & care are emotional in a way which trust & respect are not, the latter two are intellectual in a way the first two are not.

Upon meeting a stranger, or when we become aware of a powerful stranger (i.e. police, spy) we ourselves feel secure due to an underlying assumption of care & respect. This may be validated from a number of different authorities, perhaps a Divinity implanted this quality or it is held as fundamental to our social, biological nature. As ones emotions & intellect dictate, what one can expect and what one can offer can rise & fall. How we offer these to ourselves can vary, and it is quite difficult to raise both high and be realistic.

If someone loses care & respect, rightfully or wrongfully, when they meet a stranger who automatically offers them,a beautiful thing occurs. The loser has room for hope, that they are worthy or can become so. Further, that not only the care & respect the other person offers may or is justified, but that more can be achieved, they can become or are worthy of love & trust.

This approach is underpinned by an assumption of love & care existing upon a sliding scale of the same underpinning emotion. Perhaps the underlying emotion could be described as immediate feelings of worth, despite self-doubt or an ugly truth which need not be overcome or re-written. So to, that respect & trust exist upon a sliding scale of the same intellectually assigned value. This could be stated as belief that the other believes that what is good, will be consistent. So to say someone we respect as generous will remain so, that someone we trust will remain honest.

Our minds & body are not separate, nor are our emotions & intellect. Love & trust, care & respect, it is difficult to describe one of these terms without use of the others. I take this to be a sign of the common core of people.


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