Life & Adventures of William Buckley.

Available freely to those with an internet connection, which you must have to be seeing this.

Goodreads Review.

A rather good read. Old language, wear instead of weir, and minor transcription errors, such as confusing cl with d, are plentiful in this text, so be forewarned.

An extraordinary life, about a man of great luck and pluck, a European implant into a mixture of Australian communities now inextricably lost or irrevocably changed. Early shadows of political correctness, AKA politeness, are to be found in these pages, describing hairstyles. Bunyips emerge from swamps, children risk being buried alive to scout wombat tunnels, sky burials shielded from birds, cannibal tribes being incinerated alive, denizens of the deep lurk about an ocean side cave, violence, corroborees, forced cannibalism. Such facts are the meat of the book, a brief outline of W. Buckley’s early life preface it, and a semi-thorough accounting of his later life fill out the books 200 odd pages.

Later chapters illustrate the early colonial process and conflicts. There were a great many conflicts, and W. Buckley’s recollections are blind to no side of the divide, first expressing the thieving, murderous inclinations of the various aborigines near the camp, and immediately following this up with discussion of the hoax of land sale perpetrated by the white colonialists and pioneers. More words are spent criticising the conduct of persons unknown, who he felt to be spreading malicious and possibly deadly attitudes about him, and directly & repeatedly interfered with his mission as a constable to locate, dead or alive, to missing notable personages.

If you like Robinson Crusoe, survival tales, or Australiana, read this e-book .


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