Unended Quest.

GoodReads Review.

Let’s be clear, it is an !intellectual! biography. So although Mr. Popper met Einstein, Oppenheim, Mach (as in who Mach speed is named after), and fled Austria during the invasion of WWII, this is about him trying to describe how his mind matured, and not that one time Einstein farted in a lecture or something so human.

Karl Poppers’ work on the scientific method is a demonstration of the worth of philosophy, an inspiration. Mr. Popper developed improvements of the scientific method, how to create hypotheses & what it means to be scientific. His social or political philosophy does not receive a lot of attention in the book, which is a little frustrating as Open Society & The Poverty Of Historicism sound like quite interesting books.

There is some curious trivia to be gleaned from these pages, such as the development of polyphonic music in choral singing during the Dark Ages. However, it means dragging your eyes across thought experiments of interest to the likes of Einstein and Mach. His style is clear, his deep interest in physics fills up many pages.

The book is incredibly well annotated, 309 total notes in the back pages and some split into multiple points with multiple paragraphs. Most are the sort of notes one would expect in an academic setting though, and provide a little extra. An eight page ‘select bibliography’ and an eight page index completes the book.


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