The Beginning of Infinity.

Goodreads Review.

Be aware, this book can be a tremendously tedious read. That being that, it also offers a refined framework to interpret the modern world, almost as though Charles Xavier let you were Cerebro on weekends. Fundamentally speaking, anticipate Karl Popper with a new hat on as this book elaborates upon a similar philosophy.

Various ways to bifurcate our experience are offered, and the resulting binary systems are far-reaching. Reach, being a concept developed in the pages, as an implication of a binary betwixt universal and limited explanations. Although this may not be a great revolution of thought, (generalism & specialism would be how I would phrase it which would lack certain implications or derivations) it is good to know someone is trying to bring some unity & exacting definitions to our chaotic language. Precise definitions must be taught, and it seems that the lack of precision in multicultural thought is undermining it, so vapid gestures such as not using the word Christmas in celebrations are somehow supporting the cause. Indeed when Mr. Deutsch discusses Easter Island, he makes value judgements between cultures, a critical aspect commonly excluded from multicultural ideology.

If this book were presented in primary / high school religious classes as an alternative to the traditions of bronze age barbarians, the presenter would need more vim than an involuntary virgin on the vestiges of very good sex. It simply lacks the excitement caused by a good smiting.