Goodreads review.


Apparently Bulgarians have extra-sensory powers including but not limited to predicting lottery numbers. You want that to huh?

Step number 1: Be relaxed.

Step number 2: Breathing.
The secret is to breath in for 2 seconds, hold your breath for 4 and breath out for 2 seconds. This timing will fit your breathing pattern into specific Baroque music, with 60 beats per minute (BPM). Make or buy a recording where the stuff to be learnt is spoken for 4 seconds, and listen to it so that your breathing stops for those 4 seconds.

The authors are certain of themselves, and the only reason the secret hasn’t caught on is the fumbling of the Canadian government. Applying it wrongly & damaging trust, the Canadians have screwed it up for everyone. By this day, decades after publication, all blind people should be able to see, telepathy should have made Skype useless and, most importantly, we’d all be much more relaxed.


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